Shoe Mo Brunei

Shoe/ Sneaker Cleaning Service

BND 12

3 – 5 Working Days

Our signature cleaning service will help you get rid of the annoying stain on your shoes. We’re experienced with different material as Fabric, Leather, Suede, Rubber, Nubuck and mixed. We can remove fungus/mold/mildew that built up after years. Our cleaning service is also the best seller. 100% handwashed.

For Standard Cleaning (B$12): We clean uppersoles, midsoles, bottom soles and laces

For Deep Cleaning (B$18): We clean uppersoles, midsoles, bottom soles, laces and insole.

Kids Shoe Cleaning (B$5): We provide service for your little ones too!

Please note that cleaning process won’t include unyellowing treatment.

Midsole Repainting/ Unyellowing Treatment

BND 8 - 9

7 Working Days (14-day promise policy applied)

Midsole unyellow treatment (B$9): using reverse oxidation process to unyellow the affected midsoles. 

Midsole repaint (B$8): using USA imported paint to paint over the midsole part to make it white again. Applicable for boost materials (NMD, Ultra Boost, Pure Boost, ETQ, etc). If paint chipped off after 14 days, we offer retouch for free!

Water Repel / Leather Polish / Deodor

From BND 2

1-2 Working Days


Water Repellent Spray (B$7): Nano hydrophobic coating to keep your shoes stain-free and dry all day. Effect to last up to 2 weeks.

Leather Polish(B$5): Shine bright like a diamond. Give your favorite leather pair the it once had.

Deodor (B$2): Avoid those judging eyes. Remove the odd dmells from your shoes.

Midsole Black Out

BND 20

14 Working Days (14-day promise policy applied)

Once you go black, you never go back! Midsole blackout services available. Minor cracks might happen after blackout due to usage. We offer free retouch within 14 days!

*Applicable for midsole part, for whole shoes black out, considered as customization service.

Sole Shield

BND 30

3-5 Working Days

Add a layer of protection for your bottom soles to protect them from wearing out. SoleShield can last up to 6-10 months! Extra charges will applied for pre-application cleaning if the bottom soles are not brand new.



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